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Introducing the crew

(There is only one of us)

Welcome to a “Total Waste of Plastic”

My name is Duncan Weir and I love 3D printing.

I have printed all of the usual stuff that you print when you first get a 3D printer. Stuff from Thingiverse and Cults and there are a lot of things to print on these two sites alone. But I want to do more. I want to create things that showcase the versatility of owning one of these amazing machines.

Buying the parts to make a really useful project is so simple these days. You only have to have to go to or and you will see a wide array of components that you can buy, often for very little money.

These components can be brought for your next project as long as you don’t mind waiting for your order to arrive.


The only other thing you need to have is a little imagination!

Hence this site. My hope is that we can all “go create” together to build and share what we have learned. To make 3D printing more appealing and accessible to more and more people.


Like a giant 3D printed snowball, rolling out of control, down a hill of filament.

So welcome to “Total waste of plastic” I hope you’ll become as bigger waster as I am.

Founder and total waster
Duncan Weir
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Apart from this web site, I work in IT during the day. Write books when I can. I like to play around with Fusion 360 and design things that make me smile. I'm also into model airplanes and drones. Now starting to get into airbrush painting as well.

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