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The books I wrote about this 3D printing malarkey

I have written a few books before, although they were about a completely different subject. But that for me is the reason you write a book. The subject must inspire you and it must leave you wanting to know more about it. If you write a book about something you better make sure you’re prepared to learn.

That’s what happened to me when on a complete whim I came across an ad for a 3D printer that I didn’t want. I love a bit of tech in fact I’ve worked in IT since the days of Windows 95. So, I know what it’s like to wait with baited breath for a certain something to become available. But 3D printing? Not so much. I was interested in the science but that thought always ended with “What would I make with it, if I had one?”  If there is one thing that holds back this amazing hobby, it’s this one question. To be fair, it’s probably the wrong question to ask. A better one might be “If I brought a 3D printer what would I learn?”

So, if you are asking yourself the same question here is what I have learnt and in less than a year from owning a 3D printer. Math, geometry, taking the time to measure things properly, Chinese web sites can be trusted. Attention to detail, I really did need a Delta printer, patience, how to model something in a 3D CAD design application. Read instructions twice, 3D printers are indeed scientific instruments, I need yet another printer but this time a cube type and finally, using my imagination?

Whilst learning the above I have also done the following. I’ve broken things, bent things, snapped things. Wired things up wrong, spent money I couldn’t really afford, burnt myself, scared myself, got annoyed at myself. Laughed at my stupidity. Been proud of my accomplishments. Fallen asleep on the floor holding build plans. Threatened to sell everything or give it away. Re-written pages of information because I realised I’d done something the wrong way. Doubted myself more times than I can count. Wondered why I didn’t take up coin collecting. But; and this is the most important thing for me. I would do it all over again at the drop of a hat.

Why did I write books about 3D printing? Because when I was learning the dark art of owning a 3D printer. There is a lot of information out there and most of it is correct if you have that particular printer or you’re using that a particular type of filament. But what if you just wanted to know the fundimentals of say calibrating your 3D printer or you want to set up the build plate so that it’s as flat as a witches tit without having an auto levelling device? It’s information like this that you need. Basic knolwedge to get your printer working so you can print your stuff. The final book I ended up with was close to 60,000 words, so I split them into four separate books. The reason I went with  four separate books, was because if you have a desktop style printer you probably don’t want a book that includes setting up a Delta printer. Plus the fact, it keeps the information in smaller chunks so it’s easy to read and follow.

The information is laid out in the following way. The first of which is called “Get Into 3D Printing Without It Being A Total Waste of Plastic” I wanted something that rolled off the tongue and was easy to remember and deals with

  1. What 3D Printing is, and isn’t

  2. The inner Workings

  3. The history and future of 3D Printing

  4. Types of 3D Printers

  5. How to choose the right type for your needs

  6. Where to purchase a 3D Printer, reliably and safely

  7. Types of filaments

  8. Reviews and Resources

  9. And much more

It can be found on Amazon, just here


The second book called “Don’t Be a Total Waster (of plastic) Calibrate Your Desktop 3D Printer Like A Boss” A title that’s thought provoking and funny I think you’ll agree. Deals with the calibration of a desktop style 3D printer. The “Prusa” style of 3D printer. Delta printers are covered in the third book in the series. Again, with a thought provoking title.

The second book deals with the following subjects.

  1. Explain what the X, Y and Z axis is and why they are so important.

  2. Calibrate each axis easily, plus calibrate the extruder to perfection.

  3. Install required software that makes setting up your 3D printer a breeze.

  4. Level your bed without the use of an auto levelling probe.

  5. How to set up an Auto bed levelling probe the right way.

  6. How to use the Arduino IDE to safely flash your firmware.

  7. Getting your first print

  8. Handy resources, URLs, podcasts, YouTube, forums.

And this one here


The third book in the series is how to calibrate your Delta printer. It’s title? “Don’t Be a Total Waster (of plastic) Calibrate Your Delta 3D Printer Like A Boss” Calibrating my Delta printer took me to the ragged edge. I tested a bunch of ways, some worked while others worked but not for very long. Eventually, I found a way that did work although I changed it to make it easier to follow. I still use this same way to calibrate my Delta today because it’s easy and works like a charm. Actually, I calibrate my printers (3 of them) every week and 2 of them including my Delta don’t have auto levelling probes.

The third book deals with.

  1. Software that will help you calibrate your Delta printer.

  2. The importance of Delta end stops.

  3. Finding the critical measurements that will make your Delta calibration a breeze.

  4. Using the end stops to get the perfect calibration.

  5. Understanding your printer’s DNA.

  6. Making changes to Marlin

  7. Upgrading the version of Marlin on your 3D printer

  8. Setting up your first print.

  9. Handy resources, URLs, podcasts, YouTube, forums.

This one is hiding here

Book3 Sprial-3D

There is a forth book that I have nearly finished it will be covering the subjects of Marlin, Arduino IDE, and the RAMPS board. Haven’t got a title for that one yet. If you think you have a good title please let me know at This book deals with an explanation of the configuration-h file that is so integral to the workings of a 3D printer. Plus, G-code, and M-code examples.

At the moment they are only available eBook format but I may do an actual physical version too.

Get What? Oh the books well you can get them from Amazon, Apple iBooks, Barnes and Noble, and

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