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Ongoing Projects

Here you will find the ideas that I am currently working/fighting with. Some will see completion whilst others fail because I just don't have enough time to start or to complete them.


Your input is always welcome so feel free to make a noise if you think I might be looking in the wrong direction.

I still have a partially finished Piper 3D printer. Want to know more about this wonderful 3D printer? Head over to this Facebook group Here to find out more as well as my blog Here detailing the build process. This printer is really good and "Alex Balako" who designed it has put in a lot of work and effort to make this printer a great build experience.

I still have to finish the electrics and build the extruder and load Marlin or maybe it's a good time to try out Klipper? I have a Big Tree 32bit mainboard and 5in touch screen due from China so maybe it's to to put them together and get the piper completed.

In order to push forward my learning of Fusion 360, I want to design, and 3D print a gun from "Borderlands 3"

In Borderlands 3 there are (apparently) one billion guns!? So quite a few to choose from you might think. After looking through 100 million of them. I decided to copy the "Maggie" Just because there are a few nice-looking features and I can see and the use of some leather on the side holding some ammo. Plus, some other things that might enhance the look of the gun.


The colour scheme is nice too. I'll need some pictures of the different angles of the gun for reference so I can put them into Fusion and farm the required parts. Do not expect this project to be completed soon there is a lot of work to do and the design alone will take some time I'll update as I go. 


This is my beloved Delta. I haven't really given it the love and attention it needs so I have decided to strip it right back and start again. I have some parts on there way back from China that I ordered for it. There is a new 300mm 24volt silicone heat pad. A new SKR v1.3 mainboard and a touch screen from Big Tree Tech. Not sure these last two will be going onto the Delta but they very may end up there.

BIQU Kossel Plus.jpg

I would like to try a new form of 3D printer firmware. Klipper is a 3d-Printer firmware. It combines the power of a general-purpose computer with one or more micro-controllers. What this means is that the main lifting is done by a "Raspberry Pi" and once that is done the resultant commands are then sent through to the 3D printer's mainboard so it doesn't matter so much if you only have an 8bit controller. This results in a faster more accurate print. Obviously this doesn't mean faster and more accurate in every instance but I think Klipper does have potential.

Not sure what printer I will put it on and maybe I may get a new Core XY for this project as I would like a Core XY to use.

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